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  Computer Repairs


Our on-site computer repair service caters to a wide variety of computer issues for home and office computer systems.

While on-site, our technician will give you easy to understand, full explanations of the work being performed - while they are doing it.  This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and learn a little more at the same time.


* New computer setup and installation
* Transfer of data from old to new computer system
* Setup and installation of printers, scanners, digital cameras etc.
* Home or Office network setups
* Software installation
* Virus detection, deletion and protection
* Computer upgrades
* Troubleshooting and problem solving 
* Computer Repairs
* Computer/network Maintenance


DA Computer Training & Repairs covers all areas of Australia's Gold Coast.  From Pimpama to Kingscliffe (northern NSW) and out to Mt Tamborine.


* $99 per hour on-site labour only*
* $175 pick up and drop back to you - flat rate**
* Workshop rates - you bring the computer to us: $85 for the first hour with the labour amount capped at $130.  (this is the maximum amount of labour that you will pay for a computer you bring to us for repair)

* $15 - $25 call out fee applies

**If our technician feels (in the first 5 - 10mins)that your computer will take a few hours to repair, you will be given the option of him taking the computer and returning it to you when the repair is complete.  This repair may take 2 hours or it may take 10 hours, but you will only pay a flat rate of $145 labour plus any parts that are required.  Not only is the computer returned to you, it is plugged back in and all components Eg: printer are checked to confirm that all is working well.

For more information, Email us at admin@dacomputertraining.com.au or call us direct on (07)5594 5566




We often get calls from people not being able to connect to the internet. A good deal of the time, when we arrive on-site it is just a small matter of re-setting their system. This of course, incurs our minimum call out fee. So by following these few steps, you could save yourself some time, money and frustration.

If you have an ADSL connection (Broadband), try shutting down your computer, turning off your modem/router for 20 seconds, turn your modem/router back on and then turn your computer back on. If this fails to work, call your internet service provider to ensure that there are no problems their end.

If neither of these steps help solve the problem, give us a call!